Project 13 - Part 3

((JP Winters, Turk, Blitzen))

“Oh Come ON!!” Robin called, sprinting into a flat out run as Superboy held a full motorcycle above his head. “What are you doing?” The Yamaha sailed through the air landing on two parked cars. “Batman is not gonna be happy!” He muttered under his breath. Robin didn’t see anyone else, not at first, just Superboy and more damaged cars then he dared count. Car alarms blared, lasers fired, a lamp post was severed in two falling on more parked cars.

Kon was too focused and enraged to hear Robins cry. He sped toward Leash leaping and twisting in the air to avoid the fine tendrils. There were so many, one0 wrapping around his leg that was unavoidable as is snagged threw him back down onto the asphalt and car parts.

In almost the blink of an eye Kon was teleported up in the air over the Mall. Given he hadn’t managed to nail how to fly yet this was going to end in disaster. “Ahhh craaaaaaap!” He hollered all the way down.

Robin got to the north end of the mall just in time to see Superboy fall through the glass Atrium. Several unmarked black trucks pulled to the entrance as well. “Cadmus!” the boy wonder said under his breath, recognizing some of the uniforms. “They’re after the Superboy!” In full flak gear they rushed the mall, all gunning for the same target. Robin had little trouble skirting around the intruders, putting himself between them and Superboy. “Oh HELL no.” He called. “ He’s not going back!”

Dizzy and stunned Kon crashed through the skylight of the mall. God he hated Leash. Stupid name too. He groaned shaking off glass and dust from his hair. “Sononva-” He growled pulling himself upright to his feet.

“Hold it right there Thirteen.” One of them warned with his weapon drawn. “Think about it, there’s a lot of innocent people in this mall. What were you taught about collateral damage? Stand down.”

“Yea Thirteen …” Leash said blinking into existence from behind “ … be a good little hamster. Back to your cage.” He egged, clearly picking a fight. It wasn’t him that was going to look back after all.

With a roar, Kon shot forward reigned himself in just enough to not fire off a dose of laser eyes into Leash’s face.

Leash vanished and the large mechanical dog outside the “Fluff n’ Stuff” store was tackled through the storefront window Mothers and fathers inside in the midst of stuffing plushie animal pals in the store screamed and held their little ones tightly.

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