Project 13 - Part 4

“So many people around...” Robin muttered under his breath. Two men from Cadmus came in carrying a large net covered in a green glowing light. “Must be … Kryptonite?” He said with disbelief. This changes things a bit. Batman’s sidekick launched into a handspring combination into a flying leap kick hitting one of the men square in the chest, sending him tumbling to the ground. He wished he had his escrima sticks, or at least… he checked briefly for Wally … back up.

The sound of Kon's fight had thankfully thrown the crowd from a spree of people clamoring for autographs and pictures to ones fleeing a potentially dangerous scene. Kid Flash could thankfully handle the later much better than the former. Most were able to clear into the mall or out to their cars easily enough but a few closest to him had clung to him, probably thinking everyone could fly and was super strong. Sure it took him a bit longer to catch up to the actual danger but Flash would give him points for looking after the hostages first, even if he was forced to. Boring work though.

The second man with the net reached for something in his pocket but was knocked aside from a flying shoulder from Kid Flash, "Sorry I'm late, citizens" he said with a glance toward Robin, "But if everyone could just calm down and take this slow I'm sure no one wants anyone else to get hurt."

Citizens, Robin scoffed inwardly. Leave it to Wally. The worst was when the speedster responded to a call from Gotham Academy last semester when Black Mask paid a visit to the science fair, Wally practically got a medal for ‘rescuing’ Dick Grayson and Robin would swear the boy would need bigger hats. But here -- with the glasses - he was still Robin. No one from school, from Bruce Wayne’s Circle would recognize him.

“Slow isn’t your jam.” He chided.

“And civie clothes aren’t yours, now why don’t you let me handle this and you can clear the area before you get hurt.” He dropped his goggles over his eyes and darted in front of Kon. ‘That’s right everyone, eyes on me’, he thought as he made a show of kicking up some dust on his entrance. He gave a cocksure smile toward Kon, “Alright big guy, let’s all just calm down and let everyone go back to their shopping.” He had zero context as to what the hell had set the big guy off, but given what he had seen previously he knew that it would be best for everyone if the situation was defused now rather than later.

“Before I get hurt? He did not just sidekick me… “ Robin grumbled, falling back to help establish a safer perimeter.

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