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Today is the Day - STATIC

As Virgil got back up from an immense hit, he saw a giant robot with a green skull rush toward him. He surveyed the battle ground, he laid in an abandoned building in Suicide Slums, with a big hole in it’s side.

He then focused back on his assailant. He (I think) was an 8 foot robotic behemoth, as wide as two linebackers, and hit with the power of 10. The thing that stood out the most was a glass cylinder on his head. Or… that was his head. In the cylinder, was a green… skull.

Just as Virgil stopped thinking about the Green Skull Guy, a ball of lightning smashed the robot’s side. He recognizes this ball as his uncle, Jefferson Pierce. Oh shit, on missions he can’t say that. He’s Black Lightning. ‘A little racist’, Virgil thought, but hey, what can you do?

“Static! Enough gawking, more zapping!” His uncle screamed, still pushing the android away.

“I wasn’t gawking exactly, it’s more like… analyzing.” Virgil said as he reached out his hand to a nearby manhole. Purple electricity spat out and grabbed the manhole. Black Lightning can fly regularly, Virgil has to use a big piece of metal to do so, preferably a manhole. Virgil jumped onto the circular thing and rushed toward his mentor.

“So, today’s the day huh?” Virgil said as he sprayed electricity all over the robots chest, bolts and panels of metal loosened.

His uncle took the hint and covered his hands in blue lightning. Black Lighting raised his hands up and came crashing down on the center of their foe. “Yes, I know. You goin in that?” He eyed Virgil up and down.

“You mean my dope superhero outfit? Uh, yeah.” Virgil replied.

His uncle smashed on the robot’s chest again. One of the panels came off, and he dug his hand into the wires. “You don’t even have a mask.” Black Lightning began sifining the energy from the robot into himself.

“I figured I don’t need one, Dad already knows so what’s the big idea. The only other family I got is you, and you can take care of yourself.” Virgil said, helping his uncle absorb the energy.

“Fine, I’ll take you after we finish.” Black Lightning said as the robot powered down.

“Thanks unc.” Virgil replied, already feeling the effects of all the energy the robot had.

The two of them went back to Virgil’s place, and got cleaned up. His dad wished him luck. Just like that, Black Lightning and his excited nephew headed to the Hall of Justice.

As they reached the hall, his uncle had other business to attend to. Virgil admired the big Justice League statues and opened the doors, ready to meet his new friends. “Hey guys!” He entered the room where they were all supposed to be, and he found no one. ‘Dammit, no one’s here yet.’ He thought to himself. ‘God I look like a loser, being the first one here. Great job Virg, way to make a first impression.’

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