Enter Wonder...Girl (Cassie)

When you were busy being trained to be the greatest warrior to grace Mother Earth, there wasn't usually much, if any, time left for pre-team meet and greets and friendly introductions. In other words, Cassandra had missed the gathering of Justice League Jr. due to preoccupations with her training under her mentor Diana Prince, known more famously as Wonder Woman. They hadn't particularly planned on missing the meeting at the Justice Cave, but with a sudden influx of school assignments and activities, Cassie had fallen behind in her training schedule, and Diana was strict in making sure she made up for the missed time. Fortunately, all of the 'extra' training that Cassie had undergone could immediately be put into use. An alert had came from Central City Mall, and in a flash Cassie was rushing through the air to help assist her future teammates with the double threat.

Crashing effortlessly through a glass window, Cassie intended to make up for the damage to public property by beating the living snot out of the two twins who paraded themselves around the mall. They most certainly didn't appear to be threatening--a blond girl and boy, teenagers, more than likely not much older than herself from what she could tell, and no real display of superpowers... beyond super strength, but super strength was one of Cassie's specialties, and in her mind, and often times reality, her opponents paled in comparison. "I'll help Zatanna," Cassie called in response to M'gann, arriving just in time to overhear the Martian's command. "You should be easy," Cassie taunted. Blitzing her opponent mid air, she grabbed the padlocked chain Tommy had been swinging towards Zatanna, before yanking Tommy towards her. As he approached, she delivered a punch directly to the center of his face, sending him soaring back, before yanking him back towards her for another direct blow.

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