Project 13 - Part 5

Kon looked around in fury for his opponent. “Where did go?” He growled reaching out with his tactile TK like a sonar picking up on footself looking for the thing that didn’t belong, that was more familiar. He scanned his immediate proximity just in case Leash was positioning himself to ambush him.

KF arrived … good … Robin had the mooks … good … Kon could focus knowing they had his back. “Leash I know yo-” Kon whip around as Leash apperated behind him. Even with the heads up Kon-El wasn’t well match against the significantly more experienced Leash.

The fine tendrils wrapped around Kon’s arm using the momentum to whip him about, slamming him into walls, floor and through pillars laughing hysterically. “You are SO predictable Kid.” Leash hiccuped wiping laugh tears away. “You have a long way before you stand a chance against the likes of me.” He snarked to a dazed Superboy.

Leash! Civie clothes or not, this was an all hands on deck situation. No way was he letting his best pal get squashed by the likes of Leash, or Superboy either for that matter. “Take the fight back outside!” Robin called. “Less chance of people getting hurt!” Or… of … collateral damage.

"I know that!" Shouted back Kid Flash, dropping any air of professionalism he had. The flames had caught him off guard, since when did rent-a-cops come in superpower flavors? Either way he couldn't just let this dude roughhouse his new teammate.

He probably couldn't do anything about the fire, at least not yet, but with Superboy attached to baddie that meant…..

He rushes hard at the rent-a-cop and caught his collar. He proved a bit heavier than most but thankfully momentum meant he left his feet easy enough. He threw his and rent-a-cop's weight into a spin and then chucked him through the glass doors of the mall. Gripping his head as the world came back into focus, "Damn I hope no one's in the way…"

Robin couldn’t help but cringe slightly at the shattering glass, wondering if that was going to count as collateral or not. I mean, it would have been worse if he’d stayed inside. At least outside all they had to worry about -- the boy wonder inwardly groaned as he jogged out of the mall-- was the parking lot.

Wally joined him outside, looking over the Kon and Leash as they both recovered. Kid Flash called out, "Alright Paul Blart, let's pack this up before we have to make a 6th movie just for us kicking your butt." At this rate they could hit the food court at least one more time and still meet up with the girls.

Tendrils firmly around Superboy getting tighter by the second, Leash turned his attention to the speedster with the smart mouth. “Do not mock me, boy.” He warned, shooting one psionic wire towards Kid Flash.

“Alright, don’t you ‘boy’ me, only Captain Boomerang gets to do that because his accent is-” The tendril flew at him with alarming speed, no wonder he was able to grab Kon. He dove out of the just in time to only have the back of his costume be singed. He rolled back to his feet, and grabbed at his back as the pain of making contact with the asphalt.

Grimacing he looked back to Leash, "Alright, I think I preferred when you just had a segway."

“Let’s see how you prefer this!” Leash called as more psionic wires were shot towards the speedster.

'Well that's just great', thought Kid Flash as he side-stepped one tendril of flames and ducked under another. He made a break from his crouched position to try and gain some distance from the flurry of fire wires but just as he took his first push he felt a whip of flame strike him and send him off his feet. He skidded hard on the pavement before he could steady himself.

Street clothes or not, Robin wasn’t about to stand by and watch both Wally and Superboy get their tail’s handed to them. He cringed as Superboy was whipped back and forth between two parked cars, and as Kid Flash ate asphalt. “Hey!” He called, putting two fingers into his mouth to whistle and get Leash’s attention. “Why don’t you pick on someone… half your size.” If there was one thing the boy wonder was sure he could do- he could create a distraction. He was in no way faster than Wally by any stretch of the imagination, but he did manage to sidestep the first ‘wave’ of tendrils shot his way by vaulting over and ducking behind a small Volkswagon Beetle. Had Wally not been busy - one of them would have got punched in the arm. He wasn’t as lucky the second volley - his ankles getting snared in the wires which shot enough jolts to rattle his teeth as he splayed out on the pavement. . C’mon Wally, he thought to himself as his body was dragged toward Leash. C’mon Superboy, I got his attention--let’s end this!

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