Project 13 - Part 6

The distraction was all Kid Flash needed. As Robin got dragged back to Leash, a blur of yellow /and red streaked by and Wally planted his foot firmly into the rent-a-cop's front jaw at high speed. The wires wavered and as Leash bounced Kid Flash followed up with another hit to put him further into the lot. The blur came to a stop a few feet from the man, “Alright Tony Church, time to pack this one up.”

“Who’s Tony Church?” Robin said out loud as he clawed the pavement to untangle himself from Leash’s wires. “You dug deep for that one.” His jeans suffered the worst, both knees were torn up, but the forearms of his jacket were a close second.

Wally shrugged back to Robin, “Old man got to pick the movie last month, said it was a classic. At least the popcorn was good.” He felt his stomach rumble at the memory and his current lack of food in his mouth. “And hey I got the quips all set for this one, who would have known we’d be beating up an actual rent-a-cop? Guess we gotta be prepared for a substitute teacher with super strength next.”

He looked to his own uniform over as he moved up to Leash, "aww man, you know how long this is going to take to get fixed up? I just got this cleaned too." He continued to grumble as he picked at the holes along his back and arms.

Kon tried to trash against the fine tendril but he was a fish trapped in the tendrils of a jellyfish. Being stung over and over turning him into floppy thrashing destructive fish.

A broken brick sailed from behind a car arc in the air narrowly missing Lashed face.

“The hell?!” Leash yelled turning to face where the brink came from. The sound of feet warned him to late.

Cricket spun to gain more momentum and lept cracking the broom handle across the back of villains breaking in half from the force she put behind it. Lash tipped forward but givin Cricket could be sure she KOed him she pressed the attack with the broken broom handle.

She rapidly swung it jabing and smack back side and leg is a bone rattle combo taking Lashed feet out from under him crashing to the ground.

Cricket waved to Robin chirping as she gave him the thumbs up.

Kon groaned as the thin tentacles retracted off him. “I … hate … that guy … so damned … much.” He said face down. “So … much.”

JP Turk, Winters, Blitzen

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