Meet & Greet - WonderGirl

"I'll help Zatanna," Cassie called in response to M'gann, arriving just in time to overhear the Martian's command. "You should be easy," Cassie taunted. Blitzing her opponent mid air, she grabbed the padlocked chain Tommy had been swinging towards Zatanna, before yanking Tommy towards her. As he approached, she delivered a punch directly to the center of his face, sending him soaring back, before yanking him back towards her for another direct blow.

"Nice shot! M'gann called, levitating Tuppance in tow. "Er, shots! You must be Cassie. I'm M'gann, this is Static and Zatanna."

"You all right?" She asked Virgil, as she looked at the mess of cell phones and display cabinets that lay strewn about. "I think we did pretty good for our first time out!" The shop owner on the other hand, vehemently disagreed. "Maybe we should take these two and go."

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