Unapologetic (Cassie)

With the Terror Twins out cold, Cassie couldn't help but grin at her own work in assisting the team. "I'd say I've made a pretty solid first impression, right?" she rhetorically asked before descending from the air and landing. "Thanks, M'gann! And hi, as you've already guessed, I'm Cassie...or, uh, Wonder Girl," Cassie responded, taking the time to properly introduce herself. "Sorry for being late, but by the looks of it, I'd say in a way I came just in time." She then turned to the other two who had yet to speak, offering them a smile, "Nice to meet you two as well, I know you're Zatanna, which must mean you're Static," Cassie informed, looking at each individual as she said their names. "Now that Thing One and Two are taken care of, what's next?" Cassie asked. She hadn't been detailed as to why the team had left for the mall, simply that they were there when troubled arose, leading Cassie to the assumption that the others were only present to deal with the threat at hand, and now that the threat had been neutralized, she wasn't sure what she should do other than return to the Justice Cave and wait for further directions.

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