Project 13 - Part 7

Robin gave the short stack a two finger salute. It was .. nice to find someone shorter than him, let alone someone who had that kind of training. “Hold up!” Robin called to Cricket. “I just want to ask a couple of questions.”

Cricket paused rocking on her heels some as she waited for Robin to speak.

“That was some pretty fancy fighting. Your folks teach you to fight like that?” He fished. From the clothes she wore, the dirt on her face, whoever was taking care of her wasn’t doing a very good job, if that is, someone were taking care of her - and he had his suspicions.

Cricket chirped a response nodding her head up and down.

“They around?” He pressed, treading as light as he could.

Cricket though bout it and shook her head no. Runaway for no she had no clue where either of them where at the moment.

“Same with your friends?” The boy detective asked.

The pint sized dynamo nodded her head yes

“I know someone who can help them. All of you.” Robin offered. “Keep you all together, off the streets, food in your bellies.”

Cricket chirped and shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t speak for anyone but herself, she waved for him to follow if he wanted to ask he should as her compatriots..

Seeing Superboy and Kid Flash had things in hand, Robin trotted up to the small girl as she requested.

“I’m Robin.” The boy wonder told her, signing his name to her in ASL, the language she’d used earlier.

Kid Flash paused for a moment, realizing the lull in witty retorts likely meant that Robin had disappeared off into the shadows. “Hey Kon, quick piece of advice for dealing with the press, think of a clever nickname and get used to saying ‘no comment’.” He gave a quick wink and sped off in the direction of where he had last seen the non-caped crusader heading off in. Though remembering one last thing that came to mind the blur of a teen sped back, “Oh and please don’t snap his neck, you got the S on your chest now ...or at least you kinda do.” and once again he was off.

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