Terror Twins - Two Away

"Thanks, M'gann! And hi, as you've already guessed, I'm Cassie...or, uh, Wonder Girl," Cassie responded, taking the time to properly introduce herself. "Sorry for being late, but by the looks of it, I'd say in a way I came just in time."

"J'onn... er... Martian Manhunter - that's my uncle - he told me all about you!" M'gann said, just as the authorities showed up with inhibitor collars for the Terror Twins. "They might be a bit young for Belle Rev," M'gann sighed. "So we'll likely be seeing them again soon. "

"What about my store?" The cell phone owner asked. "My kiosk!"

"We should... go... M'gann said, holding onto Static's elbow for support. "Come on Zatanna! Ooooh, Cassie, I can't wait to show you around the cave. It's just like home already!"

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