Project 13 - Part 7

Joint Post - Conclusion, Turk, Winters, Blitzen

A few moments after Robin had finished his brief introduction, Kid Flash in full regalia came skidding to a halt, “There you are, thought you’d gone full civie on...oh...uhh hey kid..” he gave an awkward wave to Cricket before shooting a look at Robin that demanded a full explanation.

“This is…” Robin signed out C-R-I-C-K-E-T to make sure he had it right, and the girl nodded in response. “Cricket,” he continued for Wally. “The girl who borrowed my wallet. I was thinking - she and her friends are homeless , and the Martha Wayne foundation - you know, from that billionaire, Bruce Wayne - that’s what they do, help kids. And Cricket here - you have to admit is a hell of a fighter. Maybe some training, Batman might be convinced there’s a spot on the team for her in a few years.” He lowered his voice, “We can’t just… leave them.”

“I know that but..” He looked from Robin to the girl and back toward the orphans as he puzzled out the situation. Pride wouldn’t let him admit to her talent, after all it was just luck right? He was still top dog in physical combat here...right? Either way there were kids that needed help and Robin once again had a good idea. He leaned over to Robin again, “Okay but she’s not getting my room.”

“Dude, nobody wants your room. It already smells like a combination of pizza and gym socks.” Robin told Kid Flash, patting his friend on the shoulder. Turning back to Cricket and the others he added “I have a friend, they help kids like you all. No one is going to make you go somewhere you don’t want to, but I can promise you, it’ll be a lot nicer than this. Warm bed, clean clothes, hot food and plenty of it. Don’t believe me? Believe Kid Flash here, he’s one of the good guys. You see him on posters all around town.”

Kid Flash took a moment to give a big toothy grin and spun his hand to create a small whirlwind. Of course he was mad about the room comment, but he wouldn’t give up a chance to show off for the kids. “Don’t worry guys, I can promise free super speed trips over if you want.”

A buzz created through the small crowd that was now gathered around the teen hero, with some pushing and shoving to get as close as possible. “Sooooo, Robin said, following with a sign to Cricket. “What about you? Are you in?”

The pint sized terror looked at the brightly colored canary boy. Fact was she had all but lived under a rock her whole life. So in all honesty she genuinely did know much about him. She thought about it and gave a thumbs up, mostly because Robin seemed to like him well enough.

Kon in the meantime work to extract home self from his rubble prison. Leash has a way to him that wore Kon out. Or rather Kon was not truly at full strength yet, he had to remind himself Superman had the benefit of his whole life under the sun and Kon barely a week.

“Piece of cake.” Robin said with a small laugh. “I’ll call Batman so he can be in touch with the Martha Wayne foundation. You…” He shot a grin to the speedster. “Have a few speed runs to make. I’ll meet you back at the cave. C’mon, Cricket, I have some people I want you to meet.”

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