Today is the Day - MISS MARTIAN

“Hi, my name’s M’gann.” The green girl, currently cloaked and invisible said to herself outside of the Hall of Justice. “M’gann, nice to meet you! No. C’mon M’gann, You got this. “I’m Miss Martian, and you are?” Why does everything sound so stupid?

You’re going to do fine, M’gann. The martian’s green cheeks flushed hotly, she’d forgotten her Uncle J’onn was in telepathic hearing distance. That is, if you ever get yourself in the front door.

Yes, Uncle, I’m working on it. You only get one chance to make a first impression! J’onn wasn’t much of a mentor, he was gone more often than not, but she had plenty of company what with Earth Television. Coupled with streaming services, the last two months she’d seen more series than he ever sent back to Mars.

On the plus side, he’d let his young martian niece -- well, young in Martian terms, anyway - stay with him temporarily until more suitable arrangements could be made. And now, today? There would be some sort of ‘arrangement,’ and it involved teenagers! Earthlings who were the same age… ish, that is they would be, if their planet revolved around the sun at the same rate as Mars. And with all those brothers and sisters back home, being lonely for a change was -- nice, but it did get old quickly. Taking a deep breath, M’gann fazed back into sight and climbed the steps to the Hall of Justice. She made her way past the press that were waiting for some news from the League itself straight to the lobby.

There was one boy already there, live and in person and an actual teenager! “Hi!” She said in a bubbly voice. “I’m M’gann, Martian Manhunter’s niece? It’s nice to meet you.” Yes! That was Awesome! She mentally told herself.


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