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Summary: Police driver and mechanic

Lucia Del Rio

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Charlotte Police (MCPD)




Driver for the Charlotte police, also a Big fan of the Nascar hall of fame.

Also basic police training.


Police officer

Physical Appearance

A beautiful tanned red head,

Personality and interests

A happy go lucky girl, spends most of her time working on engines or driving, joined the police cause it was safer than the alternative, but her real passion are cars and speed.


At a very young age Lucia lost her father, a detective for the Charlotte Police, being that she had contacts in there she quickly joined the force but her hearth isn't really in it, she looks forward to whenver there is a chance to show her driving skills.

Favourite Sayings

Just light it up! (reference to lighting up the emergency lights for an emergency)

Favourite food

Any grilled insects are delightful

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Image of Lucia Del Rio
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