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Summary: Super mutant Cadet

Truck (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Charlotte Police (MCPD)


Super Mutant


Crusher, Lifter, Demolisher, Smasher.



Physical Appearance

A supermutant, who wields different car parts as Weapons

Personality and interests

A sweet boy who dreams of becoming a great policeman! Always willing to lend a hand and doesn't tolerate bad people!


After getting arrested by the cops for being to loud, Truck fell in love with the idea of helping whoever needed it, it happened that the only cop at the moment willing to get help from a big loud Super mutant was Lucia Del Rio.

Favourite Sayings

Truck Help! Truck Goood!!

Favourite food

Radscorpion eggs!

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Image of Truck (NPC)
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