OOC - Locations of the Queen City

Here is a list of locations you may find useful to reference in your roleplaying.


- WalMart: once a super center with retail and grocery is now the hideout for Carolina's most notorious raider gangs. This enormous building holds a community of close to 200 bandits inside. It's not wise to cross here as the entire parking lot is rigged with plasma mines and the entrance is guarded by both bandits and turrets.

- Jimmy's Armor Repair: Created out of a used tire shop on Independence Blvd, the place has been converted in an Armor repair shop. They sell Armor too but you'll have to find a specialty shop if you want power armor worked on.

- Charlotte Police Department: recently reestablished, these guys actually try to be the good guys, unlike the corrupted police of old. If you got a problem to solve, these guys are anxious to help.

- Molly's weapon shop: Located in an old gas station on N graham st, she's more than happy to help you out with a pistol and even throws in some squirrely bits with every purchase.

- Keith's Power Armor Repair: located in the old uptown cabaret building, you'll find all your armor needs here, or so the spray painted sign says.

- Carowinds theme park: This is a great place for a settlement. Currently abandoned and unclaimed. Could be a great spot for a vast community.

- Discovery Center: Home of the Queen City Saviors, it's a vast scientific museum with plenty of tools for a more scientific approach to the future.

- U.S. National Whitewater Center: I wouldn't travel hete as the entire area is radiated and overcome with Deathclaws and Feral Ghouls.

- NASCAR Hall of Fame: If you're a fan of ancient automobiles than this is your kind of place. Plus, it has plenty of metal for use as armor in the wasteland.

- Freedom Park: On the surface, it looks like a nice place for a farming community but it has access to the subways which are a haven for raiders. Use caution here.

- Midway plaza: Converted into a hotel, it's a bustling place for outsiders, especially if you got the caps for it. Most of Carolina's vendors are held up here.


These are all I can think of off the top of my head but more will come up as the game continues.

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