Zinycor, Welcome to Fallout: Queen City

Just as the title says, welcome!

As you've no doubt guessed, this is based in the gaming world of Fallout. Feel free to brush up on it if you're not familiar as it will help with the gaming experience here.

It's a post apocalyptic world, you're a survivor 250 years after nuclear bombs dropped worldwide. Mutated creatures and some irradiated people exist to make life hectic for you in the world.

Be weary of ghouls, deathclaws, rad roaches, and rad scorpions as you venture out into the wasteland. These can present obstacles for you on your quests to rebuild society.

You'll have to be vigilant as you search for ways to grow food without radiation and trying to filter irradiated water so it's drinkable again.

If you encounter radiation, you can always get some radaway for around 20 caps to fet rid of the radiation or some radx for radx for around 15 caps for some rad protection. Stim packs are available at your local medical supplier for around 80 caps if you wanna restore some health.

Believe me, there's not much that isn't affected by radiation. Don't expect to go swimming down at lake norman without coming into contact with giant rad fish about 80 foot long, ready to swallow you up like a whale.

The Super Mutants run North Charlotte, the feral ghouls tend to migrate south, and there's huge deathclaws in both the east and the west.

If you're playing a police character, expect reports of raider invasions to happen often. You try to find kidnappers, raid the raider camps, and perform rescue operations when needed.

The wasteland is a crazy place these days, there aren't any laws out there on the land, its survival of the strongest and even as a cop, there's no guarentee of survival.

I know your character profiles say s she likes to drive but there hasn't been a working car in over 200 years. But that's not to say your chatacter hasn't figured out how to get a car running and can find gas from scavenging.

So my last words of wisdom are to stay safe out there and keeps your caps close to you. It's the only means of currancy used these days.

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