Police Briefing

Several officers sit in the briefing room as Chief Lutz strolls in.

Lutz: Thank you all for coming! Recently there have been reports coming in of feral ghouls rampaging the old Carowinds theme park. Locals have been trying to establish a settlement there for quite some time but can't seem to get past the gates due to being chased out by these things. Now I know this is gonna be a major operation trying to clear it out but I need as many of you as possible to tackle this project. It's a huge theme park so you'll basically be taking on a city sized area with an unknown amount of ferals. I'm not gonna lie, many of you might not make it back. I won't hold it against you if you decided to back out so this is completely optional. With that said, anyone who's in, go down to the weapons and armor locker to gear up. We leave in 15 minutes.

Chief Lutz stands at the desk to answer questions about the assignment.

OOC: This is the opportunity for Lucia to take over direction of the story as a Queen City Deputy. The assignment is to clear out the Carowinds theme park from any monsters present, expect to incorporate feral ghouls, Super Mutants, Deathclaws, and anything else in your imagination. Carowinds theme park is almost as big as six flags so there's a lot of space to play around with. As Chief Lutz, I can give you assignments in different places but feel free to come up with your own thing as well. This is just a post to get you going.

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