Police Briefing

As the chief answers questions from the state patrol and others, Lucia yawns in the back of the room. Last night Chief Lutz had her do reconnaissance at the theme park, now she had to stay awake and even try to look tough in front of the state patrol and the army...

-Try to look more dignified, Chief depends on us- Said Alexandre Zehn to her in such a way that nobody else would notice.
-Care for yourself Zehn- Answered Lucia, annoyed at Zehn's atittude, driving the whole night on hostile territory and then having to look like it didn't matter... wasn't cool.- It's not like anybody is looking at us anyway, Chief is keeping them tense with the whole "not making it back" spiel...
-It could be true, we saw many f those monsters last night- Answered Alexandre trying to look as tough as possible in case someone looked in their direction.
-Whatever, if these fucks can't deal with a bunch of mindless ghouls, then the State patrol and the army are even more useless than I thought...- Lucia reclined in her chair, trying to remain awake.

Chief Lutz continued to answer questions, looking confident and serious, like an ideal leader is ought to... Truth be told Lucia had to practice with the chief many times the whole speech and questions, this was a great opportunity for the whole Department, if they succeded in leading this operation they would be able to get more funds and secure a valuable place for people to scavenge on. Chief Lutz was going to do his best!

Lucia on the other hand...

A big snore interrumpted the final questions and half the briefing room looked at the red head sleeping in her fallen chair, snoring loudly and starting to drop saliva out of her mouth.

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