The show must go on

A dark tunnel, the wind on Lucia's hair makes her feel like everything is right in the world... lights... stars are left behind... As she approaches the biggest light around is a beauti///BAM!!

The sudden and familiar sound of the chief screaming at her wakes her up, when she opens her eyes she sees Chief Lutz, with eyes burning in rage.

-Am sorry sir!- She says as she gets up and puts her hat and eyeglasses back on.- It won't happen again! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Lutz doesn't even talk to her, as rumors start getting louder in the room. Ashamed Lucia leaves the room and walks towards the garage, there a familiar face welcomes her.

-Miss Rio Back! Truck is ready to leave! Should we leave Miss Rio?- Asks the familiar voice of a huge, green Super Mutant, holding a broken wheel attached to a long metal bar. Truck looked happy and excited to see some action.

-Is Miss Rio Back? Oh my goodnes, did something happen? My calculations didn't predict your arrival until 30 minutes at the earliest! Is the mission going to happen? Have the mission parameters Changed?!! IS OUR DIVISION FAILING TO PERFORM TO EXPECTATIONS??!! - The second voiced belonged to an Overly nervous Mister Handy called Crawford, modified for car repairs and tools maintenance.

-SSSSSSHHHH!! Everything is okay! And yes, am a little early, but mission is still happening and yes- She looked at Truck - Truck can come. - Now, finally at home instead of a meeting room, Lucia felt instantly better. If it were her choice, she would just stay here, improving and modifying the vehicles (2 cars, and a small bus), but at last, the station eeded her driving skills to get in and out.- Is the Colette ready?- Asked Lucia to Crawford.

The Colette was a Chevrolet Malibu Trabant, painted in White and Blue to fit the Cop aesthetics.
-Yes miss, the Colette is ready to work!- Said Crawford, a little more calm now that he thought their division wouldn't be yelled at.

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