Carowinds Excavation Mission

Chief Lutz sits behind his desk speaking to numerous senior staff.

Lutz: I sure hope Deputy Rio's collete can handle this assignment. Lord knows, car parts aren't exactly easy to find...or gas for that matter.

Police officer: She's never let us down before!

Lutz: Her or the car?

Police officer: Both sir!

Lutz: Well she's still gonna need to avoid any
deathclaws or that car won't be worth 2 caps
Once one of those things beat it down into scrap.

Police officer: duly noted. Avoid deathclaws!

Lutz: and anything else of equal size. Maybe with that
Robot of hers, we could have about a dozen or so
Squad cars running by the end of the year.

Police officer: what about finding gas?

Lutz: what about it? There's gotta be some old run
Down oil rigs somewhere we can try to get fixed
Up and running again. You worry about getting my orders
Communicated with the rest of the precinct and let me worry
About everything else. Got it?

Police officer: Yes sir! Hey, you wanna head down to the pub and grab a couple nuka colas after this?

Lutz: you better have some radaway on hand. I know how much you like to drink, you gonna end up with a deadly case of radiation poisening if you don't slow down on that stuff.

To be continued...

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