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Summary: Alva is a 13 year old orphan from Dria with free will.


Gender: Female

Age: 13

Group: Resistance team



Physical Appearance

Alva has medium length dark brown hair, blue eyes, and is about 5'0. Alva generally wears torn up clothing and is dirty.

Personality and interests

Alva doesn't know a lot academically, due to being homeless and an orphan, but she has very good common sense and good decision making skills. She is very kind hearted and will often help people, even when she needs help herself. Alva is also shy, as she doesn't like to ask much of people.

Alva enjoys wandering and going on adventures, even in places she knows she probably shouldn't. She always loves to have new experiences and see new things. Her companion is a small cat that follows her around, Persilla.

Alva, like most of the world, is agnostic. She also believes that the people should have more say in the government.


As a newborn, Alva's parents threw her out because her pregnancy was unplanned and they did not want her. Because of this, Alva had never gotten chipped and has the power to have her own thoughts and will.

Alva was found by an old woman who raised her through her early years. The woman fell ill when Alva was 3 and died, leaving Alva to fend for herself. Since then, Alva has been homeless and living around Dria, her home country.

Favourite Sayings

"They all say, 'I don't have enough', but I'm blessed to have just this little bit."

Favourite food


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Image of Alva
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