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Chapter One, Part One

Alva rushed behind a dumpster, frightened, with Persilla, her small, aloof tabby cat, who had no idea what was going on. Alva would not have had a clue either, if things like this did not happen on a daily basis.

A man was being taken away, right before Alva's eyes. She'd see it on the news on the town's jumbo-tron soon about how the man was to be killed for being insane. It was always the same every day.

"A shame," the adults would say, and move on.

This time, however, this man had a brightly colored poster that Alva squinted at. She couldn't read it even if she tried, though - Alva had never learned how to read or write, as she should have. The adults could read it, but she was too scared to ask what it had said.

Recently, Alva had been witnessing more of this same cycle: An adult goes out to protest the government, they get taken away, and on the large screen it would announce a death in town: the adult being insane.

Alva found herself agreeing with the adults sometimes, which she always had to stop herself from doing. "That person is insane." she had to remind herself. Right?

Persilla meowed at Alva, butting at her hand.

Alva smiled. "I know, Persilla. Let's find you some scraps." Alva, after seeing the area had cleared, dug through the dumpster and found some table scraps for Persilla to eat. Alva was hungry, but she could wait on eating until she found something better. She remembered the diner opened up soon. Alva was friends with the owner's daughter, so she could get free meals. Alva picked up her cat and started off to the diner, stomach growling.

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