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Adventure awaits

Freya walked along a highway she was Leaving her home of Hovdenia. The
Police would be looking for her by now. She was not sure where she would go but she had to get out of Hovdenia. After going throw all the trouble of deactivating her chip and getting the freedom to think about and learn what she wanted she would not go back.

Freya looked up to see Loki flying over head. The bird was her best friend he was a five year old Hyacinth macaw the dark blue and bright yellow standing out against the gray sky. Her parents had got the bird for her hoping he would entertain her and keep her from contingency to look into the chips. She remembered the day she realized that she was not free. She had started looking into how the chips worked earlier in the day at school only to come home to Loki and very worried parents. Apparently the police had knocked on there door that day to deliver a warning. It was then that Freya decided she needed to leave.

“ do you think the police will hurt my parents if they find out what I did Loki” she asked. Loki only looked at here when she said his name.

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