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Summary: A schollarly dwarf with questionable habbits at times.

Belrik Opal Goldquatz

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Group: Dwarf

Religion (Bard, Cleric, Druid, etc)

Rouge (Scholar/Craftsman)


Trouble Shooter -

Physical Appearance

Belric is a pale dwarf of average height and size. He has long red hair and bright green eyes. His clothing is good quality and well kept. The most noticeable thing about him is a very, very short beard.

Personality and interests

Belric likes to learn which is a strange thing for a dwarf. He likes to learn about things and people. How things are done and worst of all, why. As a child his parents though him a little odd as he would tend to have a book in his hand and his nose in it. He was open to new and different ideas, which is not the dwarven way.

His father tried hard to break him of the habit, apprenticing him to a blacksmith, then a armorer, and finally a glass blower. During this time he excelled in his crafts. "Good with numbers and people," his masters would say. "Bad with doing things the dwarven way," they would also say.

During this time he was to be trained in a profession, a warrior of either the religious or non-religious type. She showed a little aptitude in this line of training and very little interest. During a raid on an elven outpost, Belric did the unthinkable. He hid and protected the enemy, dwarves are not big on mercy when it comes to Elven Outposts.

They shaved his beard and rubbed an ointment on his face that has slowed its growth. Then he was banished and made his way to the city in the kingdom.

Belric is a decent thief having had to learn so that he could survive. But he only steals what he needs and tries to help the younger street children out. 1) He would like to have the power and freedom to learn and experiment with new things.
2) He would like to have his own shop with a library.
3) He would like to prove the people back home wrong (and stick it to them).
4) He wants to find out of magic exist or it is just a myth.

Brief Backstory

Part of Belric's story is above.

He is a member of the Order of the Silver Claw thieves guild where he is in good standing. He does from time to time work on weapons, tools, and gear for them.

Belric lives in a old blacksmith shop that is in need of major repairs. The forge is operational, but he lacks all of the tools that he needs to practice his crafts. He has eight street children, made up of mostly elves, halflings, a gnome, and an orc. All of them call him "Papa," as he has sort of adopted them.

The Queen's situation has made it to Belric's ear.

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