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Summary: Judith loves being helpful, & being told what to do. But struggles to show initiative

Judith Wells

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Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: StarCorps Crew


StarCorps Pilot


Judith is a hands-on member of the crew. She loves being helpful, and being told what to do. But struggles to show initiative in a difficult situation.

Her skills are piloting (something that won’t help her too much on the planet’s surface, and map-reading. She’s got little to no survival skills, so will need someone to help her survive on the planet after the crash.


Judith applied to be a StarCorps pilot after a gap year exploring the galaxy, and realising she really wanted to be a pilot. The structure, the tight uniforms, a life of service really appealed to her, as it meant she didn’t have to make any difficult decisions of her own.

Before the crash, she socialised only with one member of the crew, her friend Maddie, whom she saw almost every night socially. This though meant she didn’t get to know many of the other crew, and she especially didn’t socialise with any of the civilians onboard.

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Image of Judith Wells
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