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Summary: Molly is a painter who has a unique problem solving skill, but is often ignored due to her oddness.

Molly Smith

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: Civilians


Molly is a poor e-painter specialising in realistic paintings (can be real or imagined art), which gives her great creativity and spatial awareness, causing her problem solving ability.


Molly is creative and a good problem solver. She gains this from her carrer as an artist. Her ideas are often extremely good, yet her slightly eccentric behavior causes people to regularly dissmiss them as worthless. She is easily scared, which prohibits her from thinking of ideas. Art is the only thing that calms her. All of this has contributed to her extreme feeling of independence and lack of friends. While she does know what it is like to be poor, she hates the new planet's creepiness and lack of color and wishes to be home.


Born in Idaho, Molly has always been the odd one out. She was always bright, colorful, disorderly, creative, and eccentric in school while everyone else was dull and orderly. She didn't care, however, becoming one of five people to graduate with a degree in arts in college (everyone else wanted to be in buisness, be astronauts, or be in the space marines. As an adult, Molly is a poor e-painter from Florida. She has no children or husband, and lives alone in a tiny apartment, painting at night and working as a e-mailroom worker for HoloExe (a gaming company) in the day for credits. Looking for inspiration for her next piece, she decided to take a third-class space cruise, which crashed and led her to Gallus IX.

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Image of Molly Smith
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