The Crash

***Crash site - Planet’s surface***
Judith woke up. Her hands were still tightly gripping the steering wheel of the escape pod, which now was rubble around her.

She threw the steering wheel to one side, and slowly had a look around. Her vision was blurry, and her hair was stuck to one side of her face. She brushed the hair away but it was sticky with dried blood.

She tried to stand, which took some effort. Then looked around, the roar of a fire around her was now obvious. The escape pod, and debris surrounded her.

Her memories of what happened were sketchy. The spacecruiser had been in trouble, caught in the gravity well of this planet, and she’d tried all she could to pilot them away from danger.

Then she remembered being ordered to evacuate as many people into an escape pod by Captain Simmons. Simmons was a stern woman, whose orders always made sense.

Judith felt sick as she remembered Simmons being sucked into space when the hull ruptured. She’d hit her head hard as she was sucked at great speed into the void, like something throwing her like a rag doll.

Without the Captain’s orders, what would she do? She had no idea.

The she noticed the bodies behind her. Charred bodies from the escape pod.

The panicked. Her first thought was for her friend.

“Maddie! Maddie!” She called out.

Maddie was the only person she’d really spent time with onboard. They were complete opposites really, Maddie was fun, bubbly, had large hair and a wide smile. Judith was serious, and work-focussed.

She looked around, but couldn’t find her.

Staggering out of the debris, she looked further. Giant structures towered above her, they looked organic. Mushrooms? Mushrooms as large as skyscrapers.

That’s when she saw it, one of the mushrooms had been sliced in half, and the giant crashed starship that she’d called her home; ‘the Oswald Rikers’ was there, crashed, on fire, and sinking into the sand.

For a long moment she looked at it, realising that she could no longer go home. But didn’t hear someone approaching.


Who is going to meet Judith? Whatever happened to her only friend Maddie? Please join in and let’s explore this planet & see what mysteries it holds!

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