Oh Shit!

John was still out cold until a faint cry reached his ears. It was Judith calling " Madde! " With that call, he raised his head until he banged it on a sheet of metal that was above.
Letting loose a list of exploitative words that he learned in Training Camp, he put both hands on the sheet of metal and pushed up. Judith looked over when she heard the sheet of metal hit the ground.
He stood up and said; " Oh Shit! " as he quickly around him. He saw that at least he wasn't alone. There was at least one officer that survived. What Judith saw was a marine in his mid 20's with black hair cut in military style. By the ribbons on his arm, he's been a marine for a while.
Hearing some branches crashing from the crashed space ship, he drew his pistol and duck down facing that direction.

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