The wreckage

Judith was so happy to see another person alive. And especially glad that he was strong and fit, something that might be useful in their survival situation.
After a noise, he ducked and pulled out his pistol. His reflexes were fast, all Judith had done in that time was cringe.
“It’s the Oswald RIkers” she said, pointing to the crashed ship which was a walkable distance away. “It was built in space, and never built to withstand gravity, so it’s collapsing under its own weight.”
They watched as part of the huge ship collapsed inwards. There were probably people still alive in there, but it would be difficult to get to them.
“I’m looking for my friend Maddie” Judith said, “She was in this escape pod, but can’t find her. I wonder if the rear segment broke off?”

John pointed to some smoke coming out of some wreckage near to what looked like a forest of mushrooms, “Maybe the rear segment fell in there?” He offered.

Judith turned her head towards the mushrooms, and then back to the Oswald Rikers. They were equidistant, about a 10 minute walk, but in opposite directions.
“Which way should we go?” She asked the Marine.

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