Flying Rodents

The Pilot clearly had friends aboard the ship and no doubt felt that she was abandoning them.

Tatyana for her part could sympathise though honestly her own head was all kinds of messed-up at the moment unable to recall much of anything for God only knew how long. Turning she had been about to ask the Pilot how long it had been since the Oswald-Riker had departed Titan when the young Marine yelled to get down just before one of the local airborne rodents ran into the side of her head knocking of the hat she wore and getting itself tangled in her hair.

"Shit!" Was all she could manage before the young Marine was on top of her pulling the thing from her hair.

The Young Marine throttled the little beast before kicking it away.

" Thanks," Tatyana grumbled managing finally to get herself to her feet. Offering a quick glance at the injured bird-like creature while she checked herself over for injury. " Odd something that small would attack unless it thought it might win."

She didn't feel anything stinger, barb, or otherwise.

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