Max Harlan woke up alone in the escape pod that his family had taken to get off the ship. They hadn't been anywhere near their destination when the shipboard alerts had started going off. Max's father had told him that he might see Marines on the voyage; but he hadn't seen a single one until that day. When Max and his family exited their living quarters, heading to the pod they'd been assigned to, there were Marines everywhere directing passengers. A voice over the ship's comm systems was trying to give orders as well, but the sounds all merged together into an unintelligible garble.

Max must have passed out from the stress as soon as the pod launched. The last thing he remembered was the overwhelming noise and now the entire world seemed to be silent. Max removed the straps holding him into the pod. The top of the pod was ripped off and the other seats were nowhere to be seen. Looking out through the gaping hole, Max could make out a few things about the landscape and tried to commit the locations to memory.

Not too far away from his location there were a few crashed lifeboats that could have survivors or at least supplies. Further away out in front of his, he saw half of the ship ripped apart and smoldering. There would be a lot of resources there; but it would be a long walk to get there without knowing if there was anyone there or if he'd be able to safely go into the ship's remains.

Max stepped out of the pod and looked around the immediate area. He knew his parents were in the pod with him, but where were they now? Max didn't want to run into any survivors until he could figure out what happened to them. He may be questioned about why he was in the wrong pod or they may even force him to abandon the area to stay with the group without finding his parents.

Max kept low to the ground as he made his way to the nearest lifeboat. Somewhere in the distance, smoke started to rise up from one of the crash sites. The smell was like burnt flesh and he didn't know whether to go towards it or away. He was so hungry, but the smell was revolting and he doubted that the source would be something he'd want to eat.

At the first lifeboat he crossed, Max pocketed some protein bars and shouldered a rifle before heading towards the rising smoke of whatever was roasting in the distance. Not sure who or what he was going to find; Max stayed as hidden as possible as he approached the scene.

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