Judith stayed with John as he created a bag, and then they went with him to hunt for small creatures to eat.

Tatyana clung back slightly, allowing John and her to talk.
"You know...." Said Judith, afraid to even pose the question due to how almost all of her decisions so far had been overruled. "You know we saw the other escape pod yesterday? Can we go and see if my friend Maddie is there?"

She didn't allow John to say anything, and she continued straight on. "We decided yesterday to go to the crashed ship, but it turns out now that was pointless. It didn't get us anywhere. So we might as well go and investigate the escape pod today. What do you think?"

John didn't say anything straight away.

Tatyana called them over. "I've found footsteps" she said.

Judith remembered the people they'd heard moving around at night.

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