The Hill

John apologized for not answering Judith at once; " Of course we can check out the other Lifeboat. There might be food and shelter there. Also we might see a shorter way to the lifeboat and we might see where last night's people came from. "
So they took the hill and they finally got to the top. After taking a few moments to catch there breath, they took a look around. Judith was happy to see signs of life with the other lifeboat but no easier way to get there.
John was looking where the monster came from. John in a voice that made the ladies think he was in a near panic; " We have to get to the lifeboat NOW! With puzzled looks on their faces the ladies followed.
When they got back to the monster, John quickly went to it's head. Muttering a thank god, he used his knife to remove a skin colored collar from the monster. " There's a machine attached to the monster. It was sent after us. I was afraid of this; when I saw a campsite with another monster eating next to the campsite. Fortunately it has no monitor screen so they wouldn't know we're still alive until it doesn't come back. We got to get to the lifeboat to warn them.

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