Max made his way over a couple of hills, making sure to stay in the shadows whenever possible. He was going slowly towards where the smell of roasting flesh was coming from; but he also stopped at every pod and lifeboat on the way searching for survivors. It seemed as if every one of the vessels had been gone through and abandoned.

Where is everyone? he asked himself.

He found a backpack and enough food to munch on and increase his stockpile at the same time; but no sign of his parents. As he moved from place to place, Max used the scope from the rifle to look back at where he'd come from to make sure his parents hadn't gone back there looking for him.

Finally, Max saw some people come up on top of a nearby hill and he crouched behind a giant mushroom to hide as he watched. There was a man with a bag and a rifle and two women carrying some supplies and weapons of their own. Down below, he saw they were looking over the various crash sites and a giant dead reptilian creature that was laying over one of the lifeboats.

It seemed like they were trying to decide which way to go, then started walking toward where Max was hiding. He wasn't ready to be found yet and scrambled down the hill to hide in a cave.

From where he was in the cave, Max could see out to the source of the smell he'd been following. The burning flesh smell was from a piece of one of those creatures roasting over a fire. Some people from the ship had apparently decided to cook the flesh for food. He understood being hungry; but their skin and eyes were already looking off color. As if the blood was drained from their bodies.

This confirmed his fears that it may not be safe to go up to anyone he found. He receded back further into the cave. He would follow the others once he knew they had passed by; but for now he just waited.

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