The barbecue

Judith watched as John took the machine from the large dead creatures' neck.
"So this was sent to attack us deliberately?" She said. John handed the collar to her for a closer look and she pried off the metal casing to look at the technology inside.

She looked shocked, and then dropped to her knees and smashed it on a sharp rock.

"It looked like surveillance technology" she said, looking up at John and Tatyana. "Maybe we should investigate these people, I wonder why they're sending monsters towards us, instead of talking?"

Tatyana looked sceptical. "Doesn't sound like they're friendly though does it?"

Judith nodded. What she didn't want was another mission which will distract them from checking out the escape pod in the mushroom forest, and looking for Maddie.

"Can we move now?"

Still hungry, they head towards Maddie's escape pod, and Judith felt better about doing so.

Simultaneously, all their stomachs rumbled, and when they smelled what seemed to be a barbecue, it was too tempting not to investigate.

The smell led them to a cave. It wasn't a very appealing smell, but any idea of food was tempting right now.

"Hello?" Judith called into the cave.

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