The cave

Judith waited for John to cover their tracks. She felt comfortable with a capable marine around.

Tatyana & Judith ventured further into the cave, near where there was a fire, and makeshift stove made from metal from the escape pods. These must have been other Human survivors.

Judith ran over to some of the survivors when she realised they were unwell, they were laid down on the ground. Dead.

"Oh gosh! What happened?' Judith said.

One of the survivors groaned, he was slumped against the wall. Judith remembered him from the ship, he was a senior officer. His skin was grey, and he was near death.

"Don't.... eat... the meat." He said, then passed away.

Judith turned to John. "It's a good job we didn't have breakfast."

On the floor was a device, same as the tracking device John had found on the creature he'd killed. The survivors must have cut it from the creature they'd eaten. This creature was a little smaller, and more nimble than the one they'd seen out in the open.

"Tatyana, don't go too far!" Judith called, but Tatyana was curious, and was exploring out of sight.

They heard a monster's roar, followed by two screams.

John and Judith rushed to see what was happening. In the gloom of the cave, they saw Tatyana, and a man they'd later know as Max running away from another creature.

The creature knocked Tatyana to the ground and bit her, dead.

The man called Max ran over to them, but kept running.

OOC - Sorry, Tatyana's player emailed me saying she's resigned due to time constraints.

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