The Oswald Rikers

Judith heard John make a decision about what they should do, and took a deep breath. This meant they wouldn’t be looking for her friend.
“Sure. okay” she said, trying not to let her voice show her emotions.

It was a sensible plan, Judith wondered if his military training prepared him for decisions like this, to protect the majority, not the minority. There were many more people they could save in the collapsing giant spaceship, then the smaller escape pod.

He silently headed towards the Oswalk Rikers and she followed. She tried to keep pace with him, to emphasise this was a joint decision, but she struggled to keep up, and kept glancing back at the plume of smoke in the mushroom forest, where her friend might be injured. Or maybe dead.

After a short walk, they could see the Oswald Rikers in front of them. It was massive, laid on its side, it still towered above them.

Part of the outer skin of their former home had been peeled away, presumably from where the ship skidded as it crashed. This allowed them to see into the ship, a few floors as a time, like a dolls house with the front wall removed.

John’s eagle eyes spotted some movement. He pointed to a figure, limping across the damaged deck. He was in a hurry. Was he running from something?

“Hey!” Shouted Judith. “We’re here to help!”

The figure turned to see them, then looked behind him nervously. Then he lost his footing and fell. As he did the floor he was on collapsed and he disappeared into rubble.

Judith gasped. “Oh no, I caused that” she said. “We should help him. But was… was he running from something?”

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