Nowhere To Hide

Max hid in the shadows of the cave entrance for as long as he could; until he heard voices from inside the cave.

Max was worried about being found without knowing where his parents were. In his limited experience, officers didn't take orders from children.

Max snuck around a small fire burning deeper in the cave, managing to avoid looking too close at the people that were letting around it. He could smell the rotten meat that they'd cooked and didn't have to look to know that the groans he heard were from people dying. He got into a further section of the cave that was nearly pitch black. There he huddled close to one of the cave walls.

As his eyes adjusted, Max could see an outline taking shape in front of him. At first, Max thought there might be a rock structure in front of him, until the shape moved.

With a sudden rush of adrenaline, Max's vision became even more clear and he could see the enormous creature there in front of him. Max was petrified by fear as the creature let out a slow growl, but it did not move towards him. The only motion seemed to come from its slow breaths.

Then Max heard footsteps. Someone was coming down the cave from the entrance. Max strained his eyes to see who was coming and could tell it was one of the crew that he'd seen walking up on the hills. He wanted to yell out and tell her to go back, but she may not know anyone was back here. He looked over to where the creature had been only a few feet in front of him - it was gone.

Max looked around frantically, trying to assess the situation. Then he heard another voice call out from the entrance. "Tatyana," the voice said "don't go too far!"

That was all it took to disrupt the silence. There were movements in the back of the cave, something was startled by the noise and Max wondered how many of these monsters there were... And if they were all really monsters. The one he'd seen seemed like it was hiding just like he was. But now there was something running at him and the only way to go was passed Tatyana.

Max took off running and didn't stop until he was in the light of day. He heard a scream behind him, and he ran passed two adults wearing clothing he'd seen on members of the crew; but he could only think of running.

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