Another way out ?

Hearing the screams, John grabbed his rifle and ran into the cave. He as followed closely. Seeing the Monster devour Tatyana, he cried out and fired 3 quick shots at the monster.
All they did was annoy the monster. It looked up and saw John standing there. It charged him letting out a great roar. John calmly shot in the mouth hitting it's brain. It dropped at his feet.
" Judith, see if Tatyana has any i.d. on her, so we can let her husband know. I'll check on the runner. "
John found the young man by the entrance taking in the view. Putting his rifle down; " Awesome view isn't it? " He jumped and looked around. " Take it easy, I am alone and you're too fast for me. "
" I am a marine and my rank is Staff Sergeant. But you can call me, John. " " My name is Max Harlan and I got to find my parents ! Trying to look sympathetic, John said; " I understand, why don't we look for them together. " Seeing a little hesitation on his face; " That way you wouldn't be alone if you face any monsters. Giving a slight nod, Max follows john as he picked up his rifle and heads back to Judith.

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