Bad Burial Grounds

Max looked at the dead creature, and then at the entrance to the deeper section of the cave.

"Whatever you two want to do with her, we should do it quick." Max said. "I don't think we are in immediate danger, but there are more creatures in this cave with us. And wherever that thing came from was deeper than I was. Maybe they travel down there, or have a nest. I don't know. Maybe that's just too many movies. But there was definitely another thing in there and it might not like us digging around in it's front yard."

Max suddenly lost his focus. He was staring at the ID that John was holding.

"Hey." He said slow. "You collect IDs. You haven't found any ID for... you haven't found the bodies... Kyle and Amanda Harlan?" A tear ran down his cheek. He hadn't even checked the dead he'd gone by. He was looking for his parents alive, not dead.

He also realized that he still had the rifle hanging on his shoulder from the pod he had raided. He could have turned around and faced the creature before it killed that pour woman. He was suddenly feeling like he wasn't cut out for this.

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