Judith looked at Tatyana's body. It was mangled from the creatures's teeth.
"I'm so sorry" she said, stroking what was left of her hair. "We barely got chance to know each other".

Using some wreckage that the dead survivors had used to create a fire as a stretcher, she and John pulled Tatyana's body out of the cave, into the open.

She did the same with the other survivors bodies, while John started digging graves.

Tears streamed down her face. "This is so horrible. Why did we have to crash here?"

At least in the cave they were relatively safe. But it was a good point that more creatures might live further in the darkness.

"So we have a choice" Judith put to Max & John. Do we stay here in the cave, and make it safe by investigating deeper? Or do we explore further outside. Maybe find some other survivors from the ship?"

Judith thought about her friend Maddie, who she'd still not found.

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