Max checks everybody's ids to make sure none of them was his parents. He was just glad for something to do,
While John was digging the graves, he had his rifle next to him. Judith asked her question just when John finished. Before answering her question, he finished off a water bottle. " My vote would be outside. I believe what Max said about monsters in the shadows. "
With that John picked up his rifle and backpack. The others did the same thing. First looking around, he decided on an animal trail. About a half hour down the trail, he stopped and check the ground. " Strange, no tracks at all. "
Within the next hour, they began to hear the sounds of an avalanche from above. They hurried to get past the rocks. John; " Max, use your scope to see if there was anybody on top. If there is, finish him. "
Max looked up and to his surprise, there was somebody talking on a radio. After a second, he took a deep breath and shot him.
" we set up for our ambush or do we go up the hill? "

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