The stranger

As max shot the stranger on the hill, Judith called out and tried to stop him. "No! What are you doing? That could be one of the crew!"

She looked back up, the man staggered backwards and fell. It didn't look like he'd been killed instantly.
"We have to get up there. he might be able to help us. Or at least have some information-"

John reminded her that he also could be dangerous.

"Let's see shall we?" Said Judith, leading them up a path that went up the hill.

The man had fallen on the ground, and had tried to crawl a short distance before passing out.

Judith checked his pulse. "He's still alive."

She took a closer look at him. He was wearing dirty clothes, that wasn't at all similar to their uniform. He also was unshaven and unwashed. It looked like he'd been on this planet a long while longer than they had.

Near to his hand he had some sort of device. It was a touchscreen tablet that was battered and scratched, but still working.

John suggested that he might have been using this to control the creature that attacked them. Judith took a quick look at it, and then handed it to John. "We'll never know unless we can get him to enter the unlock password."

The man was unconscious and bleeding. Judith tried her best to stop the bleeding but she needed a bandage.

"Max. Take off your uniform."

Max looked nervous.

"I need material for a bandage." She said.

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