" Don't bother, Max. " As John started to take of his shirt. When Judith looked at him in surprise; " I want Max to have as much protection as possible and it was my idea to shoot him. "

As Judith went to work trying to stop the bleeding, John searched the stranger's pockets. He found a piece of bloody paper in one of the pockets. He took it out and spread it on a flat rock. He saw that it was a series of letters and numbers, He started to use his knife to attempt to copy it down in the dirt.

Half way through, the party heard a rumble up the trail Max and John looked down the cliff. Max got his rifle out and John put his hand on him to stop him. It was 3 monsters o medium size. " Let's wait to see if any of them com up the trail. The 3 monsters kept on rumbling past them.

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