Escape Pt. 2

John whispers to Max; " When I tell you to shoot, shoot at the main part of the body. Max looks at him with a puzzled look on his face. But John is already focusing his rifle on the creature.
After holding their breath for about 10 seconds, the monster started up the path. John was saying wait a couple of times until the monster got half way up the hill on top of some loose gravel,
" NOW,FIRE " The sky was filled with sounds of 2 pulse rifles, the growl from the beast, and the crash from the beast as it fell down the hill.
John; " Now's our chance, Let's go! " The party got up and ran for some hills. Before they got to the first hill, they came across a creek running between 2 hills. John shouted; * Follow me! " The party went about a mile when they lost sight of where they entered the creek.
They got out of the creek & entered a nearby cave where they dried their feet.

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