Manky feet

Judith sat on a dry rock with her legs out. Her shoes were next to her, and her socks were laid out, drying.

"Ugh, my feet look horrible". She said, looking down at the calluses where her shoes had rubbed. She'd not taken them off since they crashed, days ago.

After sleeping in the cave for the night, the next morning she searched through her pockets and found the very last bar of emergency survival rations. She asked if either of the others wanted some. Max nodded, and Judith stepped over to him cautiously, her feet sore, and the cave floor was cold and had sharp edges.

She looked at her shoes, which still weren't dry.
"We can't really go anywhere until we have dry shoes" she said.

Then she looked up at the sky, where some stars were still visible. Even with dry shoes she didn't know where to go.

But maybe one step at a time.

"Shall we make a fire? That'll dry things faster. I'm just not sure where we'd get firewood."

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