Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Max was in a daze. He had never shot anyone before. He hadn't even shot a gun. It was strange how much it felt like a video game; especially when John spoke in such a confident tone from years of military experience. But he hadn't just shot the man, he had intended to kill him. And then he had turned around and helped John shoot the creatures.

It had to be done. he kept telling himself. But he felt like he should have been more scared, more shaky. It should be hard to hold his rifle. But in the gun fire with all that noise and ears ringing, he had been more steady than ever.

That night Max did not sleep for fear of what his dreams would hold.

The next morning, Judith suggested a fire and gathering flammable material would be a good distraction.

Max offered to go out alone; but John pointed out how dangerous that was in this unknown environment. A few of the massive mushrooms were nearby and they seemed to be the only thing close to a tree on this planet. Maybe not safe to eat - but could they burn?

To his surprise, they burned extremely well. But as the smoke started to flow out of their small fire, Max started to feel strange. A strange feeling of clarity came over him as if he'd been in a haze not just since he shot a man - but his entire life. He felt like he was coming out of his skin.

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