As the smoke filled Judith's lungs, she started to feel the strange sensation. As she was already calm, it affected her differently. She started to stop worrying about their situation, and stop worrying about if they'l be rescued, or how they'll get off this planet, or how they'll survive the next animal attack.

Instead she looked at Max. He had a kind face.

"Hey, I know that you didn't really want to shoot that man." she said. She'd seen how it affected him.

She looked towards John, and giggled as he ran outside, scratching himself.
"John's a tough guy. He's military. Shooting people probably comes natural to him. But I can see that you're different."

She put her hand on his arm.

Then she looked outside after John. "Although John does what he does to protect us. It's very useful being with him!"

Outside, John shouted them, and they went to look.

It was a backpack with lizard tracks around.

"What does this mean?" Said Judith.

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