Out of Body Experience

Judith was saying something to Max. He saw her, and he saw himself listening to her, but he couldn't hear what she was saying. Max saw warm light emanating from Judith's body as she spoke and somehow knew that she was comforting him.

Max watched for what seemed like a few minutes until both Judith and his own body got up and walked to where John had ran away from the fire. They were all looking at a backpack on the ground and some tracks around it. They were animal tracks and not large enough to be one of the creatures they'd seen in the caves; but that didn't mean they weren't dangerous.

Still, it didn't seem like there was anything Max could do to be helpful. He could see that his mouth was moving in response to what Judith was saying; but the words weren't coming from him - it was like he was in autopilot.

He let his mind wander to the hills around them, hoping to catch a glimpse of his lost parents.

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