Backpack 7285-596B

Judith awoke and approached John, who was diligently standing watch.

She sat down next to him. "Thanks so much for keeping us safe. I didn't say that before." She said with a smile.

She then looked at the backpack, and turned it over in her arms. "Hey this is an emergency backpack from the ship."

John nodded, it looked like that wasn't new information for him.

"Each backpack has a serial number stitched inside." She said, opening it up and looking.

"Aha, here it is. The number always corresponds to the locker number on the ship where it's stored."

Her face went white. Then she stood up.

"This is from the locker on the same corridor as my friend Maddie's quarters." She said. "I used to pass it whenever I went to visit her."

John didn't seem to know what any of this meant.

"So this means" She knelt down and looked him right in her eyes. "When the ship started to go down, Maddie could have grabbed this on the way to the escape pod!"

She beamed. "Maddie could be alive!"

She was so happy she hugged John, then called for Max to wake up.

"Can we follow the tracks? They might lead to Maddie!" She slipped the backpack on and bounced on her toes expectantly.

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